Cozy Colors for Your Living Room

Published March 18th, 2016 by The Painting And Wallcovering Co

Cozy Colors for Your Living Room

A living room is where family and friends gather to relax and chat. Also, it’s often it’s the first room one sees when entering a home, so you want to make sure the color on the walls is warm and inviting.

Warm colors, meaning those with golden undertones, are thought to make large rooms seem snugger and even stimulate conversation, making them the perfect choice for a living room.

Consider these colors for a comfy, cozy space:


Warm Whites

White may seem simple, but with so many variations, there are plenty that provide a perfect living room setting. Off-whites that are warm and soft work best here, like ones leaning toward the ivory and beige category. Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams announced a similar warm white as their Color of the Year choice with experts calling it more than simply a design trend, but rather a design essential.









Reds & Oranges

More intense, saturated hues like deep red or burnt orange are also on the warm spectrum and are thought to bring energy and enthusiasm to a space. If you’re not used to putting this rich a hue on your wall, consider cutting it up a bit with a bottom half wall of white wainscoting. Another option is just keeping the décor simple and neutral to allow for more boldness on the walls.






Warm Neutrals

Once upon a time, a neutral was all a homeowner would dare to put on the walls. Now color is making a comeback, but some ever popular neutrals remain. Tans and browns are today’s neutrals perfect for living areas with very warm, yellowish undertones. Traditional décor accents of white or black always look great against a tannish tone as well.








Golden Greens

Golds and greens, or better yet, somewhere in between, provide a relaxing and rustic setting to a living room. An olive green, either subtle or saturated, gives an earthy feel to the indoors. The color also seems to compliment the colors found in common living room features like a large stone fireplace and wooden trim, flooring, or beams.








Any one of these is an ideal and current color for a living room, with undertones reminiscent of sunlight making your space both cheery and snug.  

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